MCITP SQL 2008 Certification

MCITP SQL 2008 Certification Course

MCITP SQL 2008 Training Overview:


  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) SQL 2008 Certification


  • SQL classroom training. Instructor led hands-on classes.

SQL Certification Exams:

  • 2 Exams, Real Time Simulation, Single and Multiple Choice Questions
  • MCTS SQL 2008 courses

SQL Course Length:

  • 6 Weeks or Fast Track 6 Days

MCITP SQL 2008 Training Includes:

  • Hands-on Training, Lab Exercises, Project work, Unlimited Lab Access, Free Re-training

MCITP SQL 2008 Training Locations:

  • Liverpool Street, London
  • London Bridge, London
  • Moorgate, London

Flexible Starting Dates:

  • MCITP SQL 2008 Training on Weekdays, Weekends and Evenings

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This is an On-Demand course. Please call us on 0207 256 2268 to arrange the training as per your requirement.

MCITP SQL 2008 Certification Course Description

Microsoft products are among the most popular and widely used in the world today. And Microsoft SQL server database along with .NET framework create vast opportunities for software professionals all over the world and London is no exception.

The Microsoft SQL server course not only teaches to the concepts of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) but also focuses on developing proficiency with Microsoft SQL Server database and to teach “on-the-job” skills for setting up and maintaining a database.

Highlights of the course includes installing, configuring, and maintaining of MS SQL Server, manipulate relational data, database objects, stored procedures, etc.

On an average, people who are certified on MCITP SQL 2008 Server, earn a lot more than their colleagues in the industry. Enroll yourself today in this interactive, hands-on class, taught by a certified professional. The class runs for 8 weeks. Included with the course fee are the books and material for the class and unlimited practice time.

MCITP SQL 2008 Certification Highlight

  • Exam 70-432 - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Implementation and Maintenance
  • Exam 70-450 - PRO: Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administrative Solution Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • MCTS SQL 2008 courses

MCITP SQL 2008 Certification

Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance

Introduction to SQL Server 2008 and its Toolset

  • Introduction to SQL Server Platform
  • Working with SQL Server Tools
  • Configuring SQL Server Services
  • Verify SQL Server Component Installation
  • Alter Service Accounts for New Instance
  • Enable Named Pipes Protocol for Both Instances
  • Create Aliases for AdventureWorks and Proseware
  • Ensure SQL Browser is Disabled and Configure a Fixed TCP/IP Port

Preparing Systems for SQL Server 2008

  • Describe the SQL Server architecture
  • Plan for server resource requirements
  • Conduct pre-installation stress testing for SQL Server

Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2008

  • Review installation requirements
  • Install the SQL Server instance
  • Perform Post-installation Setup and Checks
  • Configure Server Memory

Working with Databases

  • Adjust tempdb configuration
  • Create the RateTracking database
  • Attach the OldProspects database
  • Add multiple files to tempdb
  • Describe the role and structure of SQL Server databases
  • Work with files and filegroups
  • Move database files within servers and between servers

Understanding SQL Server 2008 Recovery Models

  • Backup Strategies
  • Understanding SQL Server Transaction Logging
  • Planning a SQL Server Backup Strategy
  • Plan a backup strategy
  • Configure recovery models
  • Review recovery models and strategy

Backup of SQL Server 2008 Databases

  • Back up databases and transaction logs
  • Manage database backups
  • Work with more advanced backup options

Restoring SQL Server 2008 Databases

  • Understand the restore process
  • Restore databases
  • Work with Point-in-time Recovery
  • Restore system databases and individual files

Importing and Exporting Data

  • Import the Excel spreadsheet
  • Import the CSV file
  • Create and test an extraction package
  • Compare loading performance

Authenticating and Authorizing Users

  • Authenticating Connections to SQL Server
  • Authorizing Logins to Access Databases
  • Authorization Across Servers
  • Create Logins
  • Correct an Application Login Issue
  • Create Database Users
  • Correct Access to Restored Database

Assigning Server and Database Roles

  • Work with server roles
  • Work with fixed database roles
  • Create user-defined database roles

Authorizing Users to Access Resources

  • Authorizing User Access to Objects
  • Authorizing Users to Execute Code
  • Configuring Permissions at the Schema Level

Auditing SQL Server Environments

  • Options for Auditing Data Access in SQL Server
  • Implementing SQL Server Audit
  • Managing SQL Server Audit

Automating SQL Server 2008 Management

  • Automating SQL Server Management
  • Working with SQL Server Agent
  • Managing SQL Server Agent Jobs

Configuring Security for SQL Server Agent

  • Explain SQL Server Agent security
  • Configure credentials
  • Configure Proxy accounts

Monitoring SQL Server 2008 with Alerts and Notifications

  • Configure database mail
  • Monitor SQL Server errors
  • Configure operators, alerts and notifications

Performing Ongoing Database Maintenance

  • Ensuring Database Integrity
  • Maintaining Indexes
  • Automating Routine Database Maintenance
  • Check database integrity using DBCC CHECKDB
  • Correct index fragmentation
  • Create a database maintenance plan
  • Investigate table lock performance

Tracing Access to SQL Server 2008

  • Capturing Activity using SQL Server Profiler
  • Improving Performance with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Working with Tracing Options

Monitoring SQL Server 2008

  • Monitoring Activity
  • Capturing and Managing Performance Data
  • Analyzing Collected Performance Data
  • Investigating DMVs
  • Configure Management Data Warehouse
  • Configure Instances for Data Collection
  • Work with Data Collector Reports

Managing Multiple Servers

  • Working with Multiple Servers
  • Virtualizing SQL Server
  • Deploying and Upgrading Data-Tier Applications
  • Configure CMS and execute multi-server queries
  • Deploy a data-tier application
  • Register and extract a data-tier application
  • Upgrade a data-tier application

Troubleshooting Common SQL Server 2008 Administrative Issues

  • SQL Server Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Resolving Service-related Issues
  • Resolving Concurrency Issues
  • Resolving Login and Connectivity Issues

Exam 70-450: PRO: Designing, Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administrative Solution Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Designing an Administrative Solution for SQL Server 2008

  • Overview of SQL Server 2008  
  • Designing an Administrative Solution
  • Developing and Deploying an Administrative Solution for SQL Server 2008
  • Implementing an Administrative Solution in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Designing an Administrative Solution
  • Using SQL PowerShell to Automate SQL Server Configuration
  • Creating SQL Server PowerShell Scripts
  • Configuring FILESTREAM Support in SQL Server 2008

Deploying SQL Server 2008

  • System Requirements for SQL Server 2008
  • Upgrading and Migrating to SQL Server 2008
  • Configuring Instances in SQL Server 2008

Designing the Physical Structure of SQL Server 2008

  • Introduction to the Physical Structure of a Database
  • Planning for Partitioning
  • Planning for Full-Text Indexing

Designing a Strategy for Maintaining a Database in SQL Server 2008

  • Designing a Strategy for Maintaining Statistics for a Database
  • Designing a Strategy for Maintaining Indexes
  • Designing a Strategy for Database Compression

Designing Solutions for Managing SQL Server 2008

  • Designing a Policy-Based Management Strategy
  • Controlling Resource Usage by using Resource Governor
  • Auditing Database Changes

Automating the Database Management Strategy for SQL Server 2008

  • Managing SQL Server Agent
  • Automating Administrative Tasks in SQL Server
  • Monitoring Events in SQL Server

Designing a Strategy for Securing SQL Server 2008

  • Securing SQL Server 2008 Instances
  • Planning Database Security
  • Managing Certificate and Keys in SQL Server 2008
  • Implementing Database Encryption
  • Designing a strategy for Database Security
  • Configuring Security in SQL Server
  • Enabling Database Encryption

Designing a Strategy for Monitoring SQL Server 2008

  • Overview of Monitoring SQL Server 2008
  • Monitoring SQL Server Instances
  • Monitoring SQL Server Databases
  • Monitoring Multiple SQL Servers by Using Data Collection

Designing a Strategy for Content Distribution in SQL Server 2008

  • Distributing Data in SQL Server 2008
  • Working with Distributed Queries
  • Managing Distributed Content by Using Distributed Transactions
  • Managing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Packages
  • Setting Up Scalable Shared Databases
  • Selecting a Content Distribution Technology
  • Performing a Remote Query
  • Monitoring an SSIS Package

Designing a Strategy for Replication in SQL Server 2008

  • Designing a Database Replication Strategy
  • Implementing Content Distribution by using Replication
  • Configuring a High-Availability Solution by Using Replication
  • Designing a Replication Strategy
  • Setting up Snapshot Replication
  • Setting up Peer-To-Peer Replication

Designing a High-Availability Solution for SQL Server 2008

  • Introduction to High Availability
  • Implementing Log Shipping
  • Implementing Database Mirroring
  • Implementing Failover Clustering
  • Designing a High-Availability Strategy

Designing a Backup and Recovery Strategy for SQL Server 2008

  • Planning a Backup Strategy
  • Planning a Recovery strategy
  • Designing a Backup and Recovery Strategy
  • Implementing a Repair Strategy
  • Designing a Backup and Recovery Solution
  • Backing up a Database
  • Restoring a Database by Using Online Operations
  • Restoring a System Database

Price Info: £1895

  • Hands-on Tutor Led Training
  • Classroom Based Practical Training
  • Unlimited Practice Lab Access
  • Small Size Class and Interactive Sessions
  • Lab Exercises
  • Project Work
  • WiFi Internet
  • Refreshments
  • Completion Certificate
  • Free Re-training
  • Cost is calculated at 70 percent Tuition Vatable and 30 percent Training Book(s) with 0 rated Vat






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