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Android Apps Programming

Android Apps Programming Course

Android Training Overview:

Android Training

  • Android Apps Programming


  • Android classroom training. Instructor led hands-on classes.

Android Project:

  • Android Apps Programming Project
  • Android Programming Course

Android Course Length:

  • 4 Week or Fast Track 4 Day

Android Training Includes:

  • Hands-on Training, Lab Exercises, Project work, Unlimited Lab Access, Free Re-training

Android Training Locations:

  • Liverpool Street, London
  • London Bridge, London
  • Moorgate, London

Flexible Starting Dates:

  • Android Training on Weekdays, Weekends and Evenings

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COVID-19 Statement

We are open and delivering training as normal

Monday 30th June 2020

To all our valued students,

We are all experiencing incredibly confusing and unpredictable times. In consideration of the ongoing uncertainty regarding COVID-19, we wish to reassure you that we are taking necessary precautions to protect the health, safety and well-being of our customers, our employees and our partners.

We will continue to operate our business in accordance with government guidelines. We are accepting new registration and delivering on going training as normal.

We understand the importance of our customers feeling safe and comfortable in their homes. For your peace of mind, we are offering a safe and contact free LIVE online tutor led training too.

We are closely monitoring the advice and information provided by the government and commit to updating you if anything changes. Rest assured, our priority remains providing you with the quality training in the safest possible way.

We would also like to take some time to thank our incredible emergency services and NHS staff for their unbelievable and unprecedented support. We give thanks to those working tirelessly to keep us all safe and healthy. For more information, please click here.

As always our customer services team are available to help with any queries on 0207-256-2268 and through our contact us pages.

We wish good health to you, your friends and your family at this time.

Stay safe.

Training Square Team.

Yes we are open for training with a small number of students per class, considering government guidelines, and with social distancing in place.

- Our opening and closing hours are:
Mon to Fri - 10:00 till 17:00
Saturday - 10:00 till 1700

Yes, we have followed the government guidelines with social distancing. We are providing access to hand sanitizer to all our students, providing disposable masks and keeping the place clean and tidy.

Yes, the majority of our courses can be done LIVE online tutor led. You can join the scheduled classes with the tutor online. The online live classes are the same as the scheduled classes and the only difference is, you will be attending from wherever you wish to, as long as you have reliable internet access.

Finance Available

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Spread The Cost of Your Training Across 12 Months

Course Fee: £1190

3 months - £238 Upfront and monthly payments of £317

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12 months - £238 Upfront and monthly payments of £79

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Time Table

This is an On-Demand course. Please call us on 0207 256 2268 to arrange the training as per your requirement.

Android Apps Programming Course Description

Android Mobile OS has officially become the most popularly used Mobile OS and it is owned and maintained by Google as open source. The giant mobile vendors like Motorola, Sony, Samsung, Acer, Nokia, and HTC have implemented Mobile OS in their devices making Android mobile platform widely used and creating growing demand in the Mobile OS market. Consequently, this has put Android in number one ranking in the Mobile OS market giving Apps developers an exciting opportunity to develop and distribute their apps to their mass audience worldwide.

Learning Android apps programming course with Training Square will start from scratch, from setting up apps environment to designing full fletch user interface and creating fully functional apps.

We have industry expert Android trainers with many years of industry experience who would deliver hands-on training and patiently guide you to achieve your goal in a friendly learning and excellent environment.

Our Android Apps Programming course is designed to start from the fundamental level, proceeding to intermediate level and subsequently through to the advanced level. All you need is to have is a little understanding of Java in order to start the training.

If you are looking for job after the course we can certainly send your CV to prospective employers and recruitment consultants or even help you to analyse and update your CV to make it look professional.

Our success lies on your success. Please call us on 0207 256 2268 and speak with our helpful course adviser and we will guide you through the enrolment process.

Android Apps Programming Highlight

  • Android Development - Mobile OS Development tool, Google SDK
  • Design User Interface
  • Table Layout & View Positioning
  • Input Data and Validation
  • Table Layout & View Positioning
  • Android Widgets, Buttons, Menus, and Dialogs
  • Display Lists and Images
  • Telephony, Messaging, Network Programming
  • Google Maps, Location-Based data services
  • Camera, GPS, Flashlight
  • Stroing Data, SQLite Database
  • Android Project Work
  • Android Programming Course

Android Apps Programming

Overview of Android Mobile and Apps

  • Introduction to Android Mobile OS
  • Android Apps Programming overview
  • Android Apps Development Tool
  • Android Apps Development Google SDK

Setting up Development Tools

  • Install and Set up Android Development Platform
  • Install and Set up Android IDE for Programming
  • Install and Set up Java Environment

Using Views to Design the User Interface

  • Using Buttons
  • Image Buttons
  • Radio Buttons
  • CheckBoxes
  • Implementing a Star Rating System
  • Using AutoCompleteTextView
  • Displaying Web Pages
  • Using the TimePicker
  • Using the DatePicker
  • Using LinearLayout for View Positioning
  • Using RelativeLayout for View Positioning
  • Using FrameLayout for View Positioning

Using Table Layout for View Positioning

  • Using the ScrollView
  • Displaying Context and Options Menus
  • Displaying Dialogs

Validating and Handling Input Data

  • Dealing with undesirable input
  • Avoiding invalid input entirely
  • Building activities for results
  • Generic filtering search Activity
  • creating the ListItemSelectionActivity
  • creating an ArrayAdapter
  • creating the CursorAdapter
  • setting up the ListView
  • filtering the list
  • returning the selection

Android Widgets

  • Creating a Basic Widget
  • Creating a Collection Widget

UI Design: Buttons, Menus, and Dialogs

  • Using Common UI Elements
  • Using Menus in Android

Displaying Lists of Items and Images

  • Displaying a List of Items Using the ListView
  • Customizing the ListView
  • Displaying Multiple ListViews
  • Creating Custom ListViews
  • Further Customizing Each Row with Additional TextViews
  • Displaying a List of Items Using the Spinner View
  • Displaying a List of Images
  • Animating the Changing of Images Using the ImageSwitcher
  • Displaying Images Using the GridView

Android Telephony

  • Calling from Your Application
  • Monitoring the State of the Phone
  • Monitoring Phone State in the Background
  • Blocking Outgoing Calls
  • Auto-Answering an Incoming Call
  • Switching to Airplane Mode
  • Getting the Phone Number, IMEI, and SIM Card ID
  • Enabling Bluetooth


  • Sending SMS Messages Through the Built-in Messaging Application
  • Sending SMS Messages Programmatically in Your Android Application
  • Monitoring the Status of Sent SMS Messages Programmatically
  • Monitoring Outgoing SMS Messages

Network Programming

  • Connecting to Servers Using HTTP GET
  • Connecting to Servers Using HTTP POST
  • Downloading Binary Data Using HTTP
  • Consuming XML Web Services
  • Consuming JSON Web Services
  • Getting the IP Address of the Device
  • Creating a Socket Server
  • Creating a Socket Client
  • Checking for the Availability of Bluetooth
  • Monitoring the State of Bluetooth

Using Google Maps

  • Displaying Google Maps
  • Zooming in and out of Google Maps
  • Changing Map Modes
  • Navigating the Map to a Particular Location
  • Adding Markers to the Map
  • Finding a User-Friendly Address Using Reverse Geocoding, and Vice Versa

Location-Based Data Services

  • Obtaining Geographical Location Using GPS, Wi-Fi, or Cellular Networks
  • Choosing the Best Location Provider to Use
  • Monitoring a Location
  • Using a BroadcastReceiver to Obtain Locations

Accessing the Hardware

  • Capturing Pictures with the Camera
  • Detecting the Presence of Hardware Features
  • Checking Network State
  • Turning GPS On/Off
  • Capturing Hardware Buttons Programmatically
  • Switching on the Flashlight

Persisting Data

  • Saving and Loading User Preferences
  • Creating a Preference Screen
  • Saving Files to the Data Directory
  • Saving Files to the Cache Directory
  • Saving Files to External Storage
  • Attaching Files to Your Project
  • Creating and Using SQLite Databases Programmatically

Storing Data on Android

  • Internal storage methods
  • External storage methods
  • SQLite databases

SQLite Database

  • Wrappers for your SQLite database
  • Debugging your SQLite database

SQLite Queries

  • SELECT statements
  • UPDATE and DELETE Statement
  • WHERE filters and SQL operators
  • DISTINCT and LIMIT clauses
  • ORDER BY and GROUP BY clauses
  • HAVING filters and Aggregate functions
  • SQL and Java performance

Collecting and Storing Data

  • A primer on web scraping
  • Extending HTTP servlets for GET/POST methods

Deploying Your Android Applications

  • Localizing Your Application
  • xporting Your Application as an APK File

Price Info: £1190

  • Hands-on Tutor Led Training
  • Classroom Based Practical Training
  • Unlimited Practice Lab Access
  • Small Size Class and Interactive Sessions
  • Lab Exercises
  • Project Work
  • WiFi Internet
  • Refreshments
  • Completion Certificate
  • Free Re-training
  • Cost is calculated at 70 percent Tuition Vatable and 30 percent Training Book(s) with 0 rated Vat






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